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10/25/04 09:29 pm - they like to call her sticki webster and i think thats how she got the job

OOOO a fork.
Les Mis presentation was a blast, i love making people laugh.

in love with the mentality of just"put em down/just quit/just break up/just kill em all/just hate em"

in love with perth, gimpot and i walked home from leedie today,and the weather was lovely

tom's sundowner on saturday was grand!!! i dont remember much of the evening, i was out of control. i just remember shouting "play breakfast" alot to alpal.even after he played it, i wanted to hear it again. haha sorry alex. haha and hallie was so funny siddling up to that guy and attempting to seduce him by singing more of the same. hahaha. im still laughing about that.
and seeing dani, and i didnt recognise her as i was totally fucked. and seb! seeing seb and stealing his sub, although it was spicy.
where are you living now julia?? WHERE?
and saturday cott and drinking on top of the hangover for about 6 hours,a nd eating more sub at subi, and drunk crashing rohans work, and then getitng a photo of me and burger rings on the street, and yelling at some man on the train, and having a fight at the cott, with some thong wearing guy.
and me wearing hallies cardi and black denim, and just being a bogan for laughs. and throwing ice down peoples backs. destructive out of control.hahaha

and today had my first shift at sanity, and you wont believe how people just throw their money away. ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. and if i ever hafta listen to robbie williams for 4 hours straight again, i shall cut out my heart and throw it at HIS face.

and also, tom, ASH is so hot. so hot. so very hot. im so jealous of you, for going out with him. i wish i was a gay guy so he would go out with me. hmph. *shakes fist at air for being jipped*hahaha

i nearly bought on ice today, but then i realised how i had no money. but i will buy it. oh yes it will be mine.

and today i realised how i miss nathan gaunt, by playing this song, and how i need to hear him cover it asap. and i will see tea party on the 27th

but now its sex in the city.

10/20/04 08:13 pm - blink

So James (my tootor “toot on son toot on”) says that I can still pass the unit. Even though I didn’t hand in an essay that was worth 40%. he believes I can if I knuckle down.. Haha yes. Well good luck to me.
I have 2 days to prepare a presentation on LES MISERABLES, so how do I turn the despair and melancholy loss into funny funny presentation?
That is your mission if you choose to accept it.

And I love the latent smut of chunky chunky air guitar as much as I love the fact OC played ryan adams wonder wall last night. => no sarcasm intended.

10/18/04 12:09 pm - such a pity

i laughed about this
megan's new adopted saying
"So.. where's all the hot cock tonight?"

when i was kid i always wanted to be sky writer, you know with the plane and the writing stuff in the sky.

and WHY IS IT SO that soap powder smells like chartruse? is it because i actually drank it last night without ralphing? im back. people. im back. my suggestion is to run away from the pain.

suck my kiss? rollercoaster. and umm. give it away. WOW MY MEMORY ROCKS TOO.

but i spent soo much money. i know have no money. none at all. none none none.
but its centies tonday.s o its ok. phew.

watched a little of the arias last night.
and its clear that i love tim freedman, if not only for his pretentiuos suave/wank, but for his political opinion stated sooooo OBVIOUSLY.
and its clear that i hate rove so bad, and huzzah for the mouse.
and its clear that im having another phil jamieson phase. i wish grinspoon were better. bah.

10/17/04 11:10 am - kidnapped double take

attempted kidnapp yesterday performed by eli dave blair and prudence =>> hahaha thats funny.

real kidnapping by some cunts who drink south of the river water. i am putting a FATWAH on the following people Wesley/Sean/Gavin/Earl


last night i saw high percentage of guys from my past. and so did Hallie. i thInk God's trying to tell us something.

see you at the floreat tonight.

today i must do some washing
go to subi to be an extra in david's film
go to uni for rehearsals for grease
come home with mike to mine
go to the floreat
all this on 4 hours sleep.

you know what song i loathe?
the new grinspoon song.
but i decided last night its hot. and it doesnt matter that its shit, i want it bad.

10/14/04 11:47 am - Nostalgia is all i have to look forward to in the end.

(imagine blinkin putting his hand up in men in tights)
If a brain is like a hard drive,
And hard drive’s always crash, and lose data
Will this happen to my brain?
I know my memory is really testament to this.
And perhaps it wouldn’t be as devastating as someone who was really smart and knew what seems to be everything.

Whatever. To much hero myth in my head. Ë leons class.

So everyone has a first kiss right?
Well I had a few but the one I consider to be my first kiss turned out to be my first crush. I think. Im sure there are so many people who know me who would remind me that no no. im a dick and wrong. And what about so and so, and blah blah, and remember this guy?? But I like to think of him as my first. I mean it was hell teen crush, as in id see him there’d be butterfly’s and instead of saying huloo,, or anything really, I would run in the other direction, hoping he didn’t see me, but wishing that he would and then wishing he would talk to me, blahhhhhhhhhhhh. Hahaha what a fool I am. ANYWAY - I saw him last night. And it was so funny! we started to have a chat, and I told him how I used to love him so bad, and wasn’t it hilarious, and don’t you love how we can look back and laugh at me. The funniest part was when he tried it on and I said “do you think if I found you in the leat bit potential I would tell you how I used to lust you so bad?? You are mistaken sonny.” and when he asked for my number and I said how I didn’t have a phone. Or a house so no mail for me as I have no address. Good on him. He kept trucking though. It was highly amusing. Such the drop beat. I shake my head at my youthly desires

Mind you how much do you hate this conversation?
“I used to like you, like I was hell hot for you”
“really?? I wish id known as I really liked you too!! But you never talked to me. I thought you weren’t interested”

this is a common conversation for me, and the record is just getting tad thin.

So everyone has a best kiss right?
Well I saw my third? Yes ill be generous and say third best kiss ever, and decided to tune him to see whether I was right, and if he did deserve the praise I had given him in my head. Long story short: No, no he didn’t. not at all. And it makes me laugh.

He’s 38 and reinvites himself into his life he says he’s never been there he says neither has my wife, the camera dolly’s round and dissapear’s from sight

10/12/04 12:27 pm - im not fit to withstand these extremes of hot and cold

fuck me.
i hate it when right wing conservatives from school start on me.
refering to bertie who is such THE fascist
Cro Magnon man- ManilA says:
welcome to the real Australia
Cro Magnon man- ManilA says:
i hope they pass a motion to ban ur little religion and deport u all
green as your eye says:
i hate to break it to you but being left wing is NOT a religion

fuck fuck fuck.
shut the fuck up.
"ive been thinking about this situation.. and the word FUCK comes to mind alot"

10/10/04 12:48 pm - we were golden showered by john howard

horrified about the election.
my heart sank.
and general consensus to fire bomb howard.
unimpressed with the australian public.

i got a job at sanity. wickey - wickey.
i get to listen to music all day, and plan to order in gentle ben and his sensitive side, as i promised dylan last night.
yesterday was such the rollercoaster of happy for new job, sad for election, happy for fuck the election, sad about i cant remember..but you get my point.
but i got home. and thats always a plus. even if it was at 5am.

to newport tonight for some more polaroids action.
dave has been taken off his pedestal, and im desperately trying to find a suitable substitute. anyone want to be on a pedestal?? anyone?? i shall be auctioning the space off.
so many people last night that i knew, it was electric!!

best moment of today so far was when ashlee vomited out the window on the way to bayswater.
hmm lets hope it picks up.

you know what song i love more than breath (or as lars what say; you know what makes my dick hard) at the moment is william shatner's common people. yayay. now to d/l.

10/8/04 09:55 am

Dave Mccormack and his polaroids @ STEVES
(the polaroids were only shane and dylan)
1.Who could you love?
2.Computers are the new Rock n Roll
3.Today i must do something
4.Hypnotist of lady
5.The Park
6.Faith healer
7.New Matthew
8.Trutrh about love
9. The Circle
10. Anatomically correct
11.Im gonna execute your Ex-Boyfriend
Girls like that
Space Cowboy
Your Woman

it was fun! a little flat, but fun, and much love to all who accompanied me.

IM gonna be wasted on saturday

best quote of the night goes out to dylan mccormack
Shona: Dylan, so when are gentle ben coming?
Dylan: i promise we will come.
Shona: yeh by then ill probably be a geriatric, with a busted hip complaining of heart pulpitations
Dylan: *smiles* yeh, youll be old.... youll be all of 23.

shona bows down to the master

10/7/04 12:36 am - i need to pee

and not even some second hand holy ghost in time
its been 6 days since my last self indulgent waawaa on live journal. which really is the foundation of all posts.

- my computer was royally fucked but johnsie pie fixed it so HOOT AND HOORAH to him. it now not only turns on but functions!!!
and now the rest of what i want to say, i realise i cant, and its a private post time.

*ahem* My friends, all of you are invited to an election B-B-Q this saturday at hallie's house, for a hybrid of meat/salad/dip/alcohol fun times, come.
and after we shall of course be heading out to the FUCK THE ELECTION gig at the monkey bar for mccormack and polaroid goodness. i know i cant wait.

dont forget to vote this saturday!

p to the s alex has created a song that rivals oh dear, bus#56 really are the best!!

10/1/04 12:51 pm - 8 days8days8days8days8days8days

8 days breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am excited for many reason about these 8 days
Main reason - latham has a chance,eeeee! I cannot afford to live under a howard government.
A close second is DAVID AND CAM in the same room for the fuck the election gig, which I think ill be a swooning mess on the floor at.( I expect a lot of you *points finger at YOU* to be coming to this gig.)
And coming up the rear is the fact the new rules did get support for dave so im totally impressed, and more excited about the gig.

In other news my computer is dead. Dead as shit. So my morbid obsession with the internet is not being satiated! Grunt.

I went and saw some kind of monster last night, hahahahaha hetfield is one of the most self indulgent whinging so and so’s I have ever seen, (and ive met dave mccormack!) Ulrich is sooo whats the word? Intense? With attempting to be king, king of his motherfucking metallica mountain, and kirk.. ahahahaah its worth it just to here his effeminite efforts in mediation, the movie goes for too long, but if you can cope with it, you should see it, just for the humour and the bitter ex band members, and the reverence they give themselves, and the kids, metallica’s children nearly steal the show. Nearrrlyy, as Ulrich really does. He is mr protagonist, and don’t try and tell me you didn’t laugh when you saw his dad.
And aside from the endless disagreements my favourite line was Ulrich
“you know what gets my dick hard”
hahahahahaha. I could talk about this movie and its endeavour to humanise metallica forever so if you see me ask me.
this shall be injected into my vocabulary starting now.
So much has happened on every front, im going to a job interview after rehearsals tonight, so everyone blow kisses in the air and wish me luck, there have been new and old boys on the scene, catching up with friends of yore, and my study has gone down the gurgler, but huzzah I just got my $300 tax return.
Too much to squeeze into a tiny post.
And im moving out at the end of the year. If anyone has a bed I can have, id be obliged.
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