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so do you feel it when you cut me? there is a fireeeeeeeee

best big day out yet.

all those obsceneties were totally necessary just then hey.

Bands That Rocked:
Youthgroup - well.. the 80's cover rocked, but the sun was too hot for me to enjoy it
THE GRATES(2nd time round, great dress)
THE SUBWAYS (2nd time round tied with the grates as funnest band, so english, simple rock)
BEASTS OF BOURBON (incredible, hands down. incredible)
THE GO TEAM (didnt see enough of it)
THE MAGIC NUMBERS (this band is technicolour love)

The master the one, the only IGGY POP. i was totally under this man's spell, and his set, was was so well choosen! I mean, i wanna be your dog, TWICE! no one believed me when i said he would do it twice, but i knew. i knew. i went off to loose, 1969, TV EYE, 1970 and no fun, i must say the rest is a bit of a blur, a magical blur, just like janes addiction were in 2003.
Iggy came out like grinning, working his magic on the crowd, under his spell though he turned into a demon, and dragged us all into hell when the lights went out with him on all fours barking like a dog. THAT IMAGERY will stay with me for life. IGGY POP WAS WORTH A MILLION IN PRIZES, shame there was no lust for life.

i wana be your dog was definetly song of the day, SECOND BEST was joelene covered by the WHITE STRIPES, that was fucking awesome live, even is it wasnt dolly parton.
dancing and sitting and chatting and hugging and kissing is what mainly happened during the white stripes, i was way to high after iggy to care about them.

dissapointments of the day;
wolfmother, watched there entire set really just ended up chatting to rowan and david. mindseye was all i wanted. that band doesnt need provado, they just need to perform. but they wanked on stage too much for me. whereas the subways provado was welcomed by me with an open heart.
- passing up henry rollins for franz, which was dumb. they really didnt impress me at all. fire did rock. and they played my favourite auf acshe, and michael was super fun, but otherwise, that was my mistake of the day, and ill regret it for the rest of my life.

but iggy fixed it.
he fixed everything.

i payed 115 dollars for iggy and the rest was just a wicked bonus.

and all my love to the greatest big day out buddies ever, jacinta, lee, janice, hallie, negi, rowan, gita, dani alison, tim, nat, andre, amy and david
and all those loverly people i ran into you know who you are.
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