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Time to play

Things i learnt:
(Hallie's bday)
- do tea strain the red skin vodka
- dont decide to be self righteous to the sober fellow
- it is better when falling to pull someone down with you, so you dont get kicked out for being drunk
- it is not a good idea (no matter how much you think it is) to message him, in that state. It is a good idea to let your friends confiscate your phone.
- alot of blood does actually mean a DEEP cut, that can not be fixed with bandaids
- kath n kim impersonations break the ice in what seems to be all situations
- there is always time for irish dancing ALWAYS.
- i love bron and brooke.

- waking up to your bag full of tinsel, a message, a headache, no money and two friends asleep in the lounge room is the best.
- Geoff Gallop does a great job with public transport
- You can always trust the fact that you will know someone at a gig in the front row, and theres never a problem in getting seats.
- i will always have fun at a whitlam gig ESPECIALLY when kate kelly is done with such beauty
- Next whitlams gig remember to take a slingshot and load up on honky nuts to take out undesireable people who RUIN charlie#2 and cheer for jak untill the are horse. I PLAN TO PUT A FATWAH on those bitches. consider it done.
- I had my first real more sauce moment, and it was supoib!!
- it was really a spectacle of light and fun and great mofo times. i eagerly await the new album so i can hear "beauty in me" -- a self portrait of every 19 yr old girl.
thanks to everyone who made my night special, which was all of YOU (points at you. yes. you. dont get freaked out, just welcome to 1984-shona style)
- Jak was ...very interesting.. in his performance. *grins*
Regret one - didnt take dvd to get tim to sign.

- Never expect people to know where they are going when they are driving, as they dont know, no matter how much they reassure you, they dont know at all, and youll end up in yokine.
- dont go to a rehearsal for grease with just cankles.ever.
- It seems the more someone says they are talented, the more they demonstrate the exact opposite.
- drama class is just a breeding group for a saga.
- its always great to recap with bron about the last time we went out, as i seem to just have memory relapses.
- i need another job. as i have no money
- people who are close to you will let you down, doesnt matter how often you go out of your way to help them, they will take you for granted and let you down.

- people who are total strangers will never let you down, in contrast they will go out of their way to do something so nice for you!!!
- it is not a good idea to go for a stroll in the middle of the day with the heat and the weather and the teeth!
- i like day time tv too much.
- i like cordial too much

and i love receiving parcels filled with the following goodies;
wacked not wacky,
the inner west single
cdr's of the polaroids first couple of shows:
kelts bar 25.05.02, the metro 24.05.02, & the hoey
Beach Rd Hotel double cd,
David solo @ the rose of aust. & the roxbury,
the titanics latw,
bootleg of the marrickville outdoors show,
two recordings of david solo in WA back in '99.

obviously these all concern david mccormack be it solo/custard/polaroids/titanics.


question: do reunions tend to suck?
im undecided.
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