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Is that Shannon Noll?

Hahahahaahahahaha, that guy in the crowd gets two points for the team. I burst into laughter as nathy sang some boring love song to the crowd. - and no it wasn’t the church song.

Yesterday everything was coming up Shona. Sposed to go to grease, and didn’t in fact end up doing that, went to see the Beatle gallery instead. I had seen it when it came to town last year, but this year had more photos, and I never realised how attractive stu sutcliffe was. He was THE stud of the group, no worries. I went with Seansy and Penguin and Seanna gave me the coolest TWAT bag and 20 dollars, which meant I could see Nathan Gaunt at the paddo.
Went to Penguins house and met the elusive Lochie. Anyone whose ever met penguin im sure has heard of his brother, and he drove me home so in my book he is tops.
Made it too the Paddo and there were so many people I know lalalala. I love my associations. And Alana was playing, and wasn’t she grand.
Then Jay not only gave me the soundtrack, which i just cant get enough of, and im ashamed of this as it means pedestals are tougher than expected, even though Jay gave him a good sledge last night. But phooey to that - it was a Nathan night.
And werd to Jay who didn’t care that it was a nathy night (which is good coz he looked like a big girl) , and indulged my “take a photo of the funny guy dancing,” and “take a photo of ross with egg shakers.”
And I had forgotten how comedic Nathy is, with his haircut his eyebrows and his mannerisms, I laughed so much. What a guy. Ross caught me laughing a bit. And he is now resident freedman with his red wine fetish.
The sex song was rock, and the church song made me giggle, and you are all I need made me cooo, and although it pained all of you, spirit gambler did not make me jump up and dance, I was on my best behaviour, I had a little groove on the floor, I didn’t have my dancing shoes on, in fact when we arrived I didn’t have any shoes on as it had been such a splendid day.

And that sex song is in my head. You’re a heart attack, feels so good to call your name.
So although Nathan was good last night, he didn’t make me wana rush out and buy all of his cd’s. granted I have them all, but you know? He was more funny than good.

MEANWHILE bright eyes are coming to perth, but on the tailcoat of R.E.M-BORING! AND EXPENSIVE *whimper* I wana see conor.!!! It kills my emo spirit that I cant. If they did a sperate show, id praise any miscellaneous god.

--- and also im a little sick, ive gotten that thing were my glands are swollen and it hurts to swallow. I think it was off that boy from wed. which means I must gargle with disprin every 4 hours, to kill the infection.

your hanging up, I guess your not the one I always dreamed of, these days wont fade away these days wont fade away

Sigh… you can tell by the finger picking and OTT strings in the back.


This weekend is gonna be out of control with Hallies 19th and so much intoxication and The FREE whitlams gig, imagine!!!
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