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you could become a terrible event and happen to him

well heres hoping im not suspended from uni.
but ive finished!!!
NO more uni
No more exams
no more drama. sad. but yes.
minus the fact that im still heavily involved in grease. so technically i do have some commitments to uni.
and Coffee Break seemed to be a success, so hallelujah.and dan and nat came, and hallie and gimpot. feel that love. give it a poke in the pot.
and the pub and late night sheninigans was most totally a fucking success. i couldnt even remember that my hat was on fire. it was brilliant, so many tears, so much amnomistity it was supoib, i love dramas, and the best happen on drama outings.
and i had my second shift the next day and sanity got points for stocking DMC truth about love.
but i was dead for the evening as i had 3hours max sleep and worked all day and happened to still be quite drunk, but no one knew, as im a new girl, and i might just be like "that." ==> hA!
so i ended up at telethon and sledged as many people as possible, and loved stuart wagstaff, and loved andrew o keefe and loved koshi and mel and nat.
and hated all home and away/all saints/blue heeler people (minus john howard)

monday i had the exam at 6
but i had to work at 10 - 3.
and J you may payout on nathan, when you go to cd shops, but i have a story.

this guy buys jeff buckley grace the new one right.
and i ask him if he knows of nathy, and then i rabbit on about how good he is.
ironic really, to do so when someone buys jeff buckley.
but funny all the same.

wednesday im sposed to be having the night of my life, with the girls.
and friday im going to an ADULT SHOP party. and sunday seeing nath at the paddo. ooo and im working thursday and hafta go to rehearsals on the sunday aswell hey. i forgot.
Gus sebastian new album is shit.
Delta's new album is shit.
dont buy them
whenever i used to diss them before and people go, have you actually heard the album, well now i have. as its on repeat for 4 HOURS.
so shut up mutherfuck.
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