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i was more a corey feldman girl - but hes like some porn star now.

happy halloween?yeh?or not?
halloween to me will always be laurannes house + scream + eggs + rocky horror picture show + trick or treaters and mars bars and a scream mask = me scream.
sigh**oh when i was young.

today was a great day for the simple reason that i found the ABC VINYL OF POISON ARROW.
yes i know you shall all form a mob later and kill me for this vinyl, but im all about my own pride at the moment.
i am currently corrupting the much loved Peter Pan tale, with the sordid Oedipus complex for an essay, and im tired.
yesterday was ADAM AND WIL.
and they read seansy and mines question, and laughed, and tried to find out who wrote it, and we hid in our seats suppressing laughs.
then dinner for lucy's then a halloween party.
man this weekend has been full on, and not in the usual sense.

oh last wednesday my wallet was stolen, with my bank card and student card and health care card. so no money for shona.
and JACINTA is person of the week for finding the soundtrack for me. Its nearly as worthy as me finding the vinyl.

rehearsals and assignments all week, means no fun till friday night, when perth will turn from a prison to party, and its gonna rock the block.
saturday work. yes people. thats right so you can come and laugh and point at the girl trapped in sanity.
monday exam.
does it ever cease? who cares.
ANTHONY KIEDIS birthday tomorrow. i might make jelly for the occasion. or ill make jelly for me and eat it, and claim that it was for the occasion. yessssssss.
and im delirious from no sleep this weekend.

im not joking about liking corey feldman more than corey haim. i have seen most of their movies, as i kid i was a "corey" junkie - fo real.
"just scoping out your civilian wardrobe" - corey feldman to corey haim in the Lost Boys dir. by joel schumacher(i love that movie!)
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the two coreys!
I liked feldman more than haim too, at least in most movies. I think my favourite coreys movie is Dream A Little Dream (I wore out the video I taped it on). You know they've just released the lost boys special edition? :D

Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?
yes the maggots.

yeh i saw the special edition, and in got all jealous, i have the video, but now i wnat the special features, and how funny is grandpa?

Michael do you know the rule about filling the car with gas, when you take it without asking?
no grandpa you do.

which one is dream a little dream? the plot line. i would have seen it.
It's the one where feldman and the girl he's after swap bodies with an old couple, because the guy was trying to invent a way to make dreams real (or something like that). Of course they want to swap back, but feldman doesn't want to until the old guy fixes his life up.

Why does everything you say have to revolve around sex? Why... why are you so perverted?

And through the magic of the internet, I just discovered that there was a sequel made in the mid-90s. I might have to make a trip down the video store... I don't even know if my vcr works any more.
I have to the Lost Boys Special Edition - totally tops! Gotta love the Coreys. What question did you ask Adam and Wil?
ooo i bet it is with special features and stuff.

now i hve the song lost in the shadows stuck in my head. as i have the soundtrack..oh yes i have the soundtrack to the lost boys.

hmmm the question was somnething to do with the saying fuck off and die, and david mccormack, but i cant remember it verbatum.
Oh I have the Lost Boys soundtrack too! Question sounds hilarious. Thumbs up for getting a David McCormack reference in there too hehe



November 2 2004, 23:40:48 UTC 12 years ago

Ah, yes...back in the day when we watched Halloween:H20 and you and Julie pretended to be in my pool during the scary bits. I think that Halloween will never be forgotten by ANYONE who came...right down to the egging. Damn those randoms! All coz you were definitely not going to give up them Mars bars so easily! Hahaha... Moving on...Y'know how Shrek 2 is out on DVD at Sanity and elsewhere? Well, I worked yesterday and we got SHREK EARS! They're non-negotiables and EVERYONE has to wear them! Otherwise Rhonda will shit bricks...figuratively speaking...I wore them. After a while they hurt the side of my head and customers did give me strange looks. The stacks at Karrinyup are the tiniest bit taller than me, so all the people working yesterday could see was this pair of bright green ears walking around the store!



jeepers. jeepers and a jeep.