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2/6/06 10:41 pm - so do you feel it when you cut me? there is a fireeeeeeeee

best big day out yet.

all those obsceneties were totally necessary just then hey.

Bands That Rocked:
Youthgroup - well.. the 80's cover rocked, but the sun was too hot for me to enjoy it
THE GRATES(2nd time round, great dress)
THE SUBWAYS (2nd time round tied with the grates as funnest band, so english, simple rock)
BEASTS OF BOURBON (incredible, hands down. incredible)
THE GO TEAM (didnt see enough of it)
THE MAGIC NUMBERS (this band is technicolour love)

The master the one, the only IGGY POP. i was totally under this man's spell, and his set, was was so well choosen! I mean, i wanna be your dog, TWICE! no one believed me when i said he would do it twice, but i knew. i knew. i went off to loose, 1969, TV EYE, 1970 and no fun, i must say the rest is a bit of a blur, a magical blur, just like janes addiction were in 2003.
Iggy came out like grinning, working his magic on the crowd, under his spell though he turned into a demon, and dragged us all into hell when the lights went out with him on all fours barking like a dog. THAT IMAGERY will stay with me for life. IGGY POP WAS WORTH A MILLION IN PRIZES, shame there was no lust for life.

i wana be your dog was definetly song of the day, SECOND BEST was joelene covered by the WHITE STRIPES, that was fucking awesome live, even is it wasnt dolly parton.
dancing and sitting and chatting and hugging and kissing is what mainly happened during the white stripes, i was way to high after iggy to care about them.

dissapointments of the day;
wolfmother, watched there entire set really just ended up chatting to rowan and david. mindseye was all i wanted. that band doesnt need provado, they just need to perform. but they wanked on stage too much for me. whereas the subways provado was welcomed by me with an open heart.
- passing up henry rollins for franz, which was dumb. they really didnt impress me at all. fire did rock. and they played my favourite auf acshe, and michael was super fun, but otherwise, that was my mistake of the day, and ill regret it for the rest of my life.

but iggy fixed it.
he fixed everything.

i payed 115 dollars for iggy and the rest was just a wicked bonus.

and all my love to the greatest big day out buddies ever, jacinta, lee, janice, hallie, negi, rowan, gita, dani alison, tim, nat, andre, amy and david
and all those loverly people i ran into you know who you are.

12/1/05 04:23 pm - we are not sange. we are SANGE!!!


its me updating. imagine that; just like thew diggers.

why is it that mr mccormack the kiddy fiddler himself; has done it all before and has captured it all in song?
all of it.
does everyone do the exact same thing and then just go through life expressing it in different mediums? or are people just wank? two key questions.

meanwhile im really poor and my pay has'nt gone through. useless.

rockit on sunday rockit rockit rockit.

but im more amped about harry potter tonight. harry harry harry.

and nathan plays again. yay frog and jacinta i request a date on the 22nd at the paddo.

10/16/05 02:29 pm

Im in the process of deleting my journal.

Its nothing personal guys, i might update if i have the urge, but now i just need to quit for a while.i still do love you all, but its time for me to sit in a corner and have rest, ive had this thing for 2 years now.

time to back it up the tractor.

11/22/04 09:55 pm - Time to play

Things i learnt:
(Hallie's bday)
- do tea strain the red skin vodka
- dont decide to be self righteous to the sober fellow
- it is better when falling to pull someone down with you, so you dont get kicked out for being drunk
- it is not a good idea (no matter how much you think it is) to message him, in that state. It is a good idea to let your friends confiscate your phone.
- alot of blood does actually mean a DEEP cut, that can not be fixed with bandaids
- kath n kim impersonations break the ice in what seems to be all situations
- there is always time for irish dancing ALWAYS.
- i love bron and brooke.

- waking up to your bag full of tinsel, a message, a headache, no money and two friends asleep in the lounge room is the best.
- Geoff Gallop does a great job with public transport
- You can always trust the fact that you will know someone at a gig in the front row, and theres never a problem in getting seats.
- i will always have fun at a whitlam gig ESPECIALLY when kate kelly is done with such beauty
- Next whitlams gig remember to take a slingshot and load up on honky nuts to take out undesireable people who RUIN charlie#2 and cheer for jak untill the are horse. I PLAN TO PUT A FATWAH on those bitches. consider it done.
- I had my first real more sauce moment, and it was supoib!!
- it was really a spectacle of light and fun and great mofo times. i eagerly await the new album so i can hear "beauty in me" -- a self portrait of every 19 yr old girl.
thanks to everyone who made my night special, which was all of YOU (points at you. yes. you. dont get freaked out, just welcome to 1984-shona style)
- Jak was ...very interesting.. in his performance. *grins*
Regret one - didnt take dvd to get tim to sign.

- Never expect people to know where they are going when they are driving, as they dont know, no matter how much they reassure you, they dont know at all, and youll end up in yokine.
- dont go to a rehearsal for grease with just cankles.ever.
- It seems the more someone says they are talented, the more they demonstrate the exact opposite.
- drama class is just a breeding group for a saga.
- its always great to recap with bron about the last time we went out, as i seem to just have memory relapses.
- i need another job. as i have no money
- people who are close to you will let you down, doesnt matter how often you go out of your way to help them, they will take you for granted and let you down.

- people who are total strangers will never let you down, in contrast they will go out of their way to do something so nice for you!!!
- it is not a good idea to go for a stroll in the middle of the day with the heat and the weather and the teeth!
- i like day time tv too much.
- i like cordial too much

and i love receiving parcels filled with the following goodies;
wacked not wacky,
the inner west single
cdr's of the polaroids first couple of shows:
kelts bar 25.05.02, the metro 24.05.02, & the hoey
Beach Rd Hotel double cd,
David solo @ the rose of aust. & the roxbury,
the titanics latw,
bootleg of the marrickville outdoors show,
two recordings of david solo in WA back in '99.

obviously these all concern david mccormack be it solo/custard/polaroids/titanics.


question: do reunions tend to suck?
im undecided.

11/16/04 11:02 am

you know its gonna be a good day when you wake up to gentle ben and his sensitive side on jjj, soon followed by bright eyes.

11/15/04 01:54 pm - Is that Shannon Noll?

Hahahahaahahahaha, that guy in the crowd gets two points for the team. I burst into laughter as nathy sang some boring love song to the crowd. - and no it wasn’t the church song.

Yesterday everything was coming up Shona. Sposed to go to grease, and didn’t in fact end up doing that, went to see the Beatle gallery instead. I had seen it when it came to town last year, but this year had more photos, and I never realised how attractive stu sutcliffe was. He was THE stud of the group, no worries. I went with Seansy and Penguin and Seanna gave me the coolest TWAT bag and 20 dollars, which meant I could see Nathan Gaunt at the paddo.
Went to Penguins house and met the elusive Lochie. Anyone whose ever met penguin im sure has heard of his brother, and he drove me home so in my book he is tops.
Made it too the Paddo and there were so many people I know lalalala. I love my associations. And Alana was playing, and wasn’t she grand.
Then Jay not only gave me the soundtrack, which i just cant get enough of, and im ashamed of this as it means pedestals are tougher than expected, even though Jay gave him a good sledge last night. But phooey to that - it was a Nathan night.
And werd to Jay who didn’t care that it was a nathy night (which is good coz he looked like a big girl) , and indulged my “take a photo of the funny guy dancing,” and “take a photo of ross with egg shakers.”
And I had forgotten how comedic Nathy is, with his haircut his eyebrows and his mannerisms, I laughed so much. What a guy. Ross caught me laughing a bit. And he is now resident freedman with his red wine fetish.
The sex song was rock, and the church song made me giggle, and you are all I need made me cooo, and although it pained all of you, spirit gambler did not make me jump up and dance, I was on my best behaviour, I had a little groove on the floor, I didn’t have my dancing shoes on, in fact when we arrived I didn’t have any shoes on as it had been such a splendid day.

And that sex song is in my head. You’re a heart attack, feels so good to call your name.
So although Nathan was good last night, he didn’t make me wana rush out and buy all of his cd’s. granted I have them all, but you know? He was more funny than good.

MEANWHILE bright eyes are coming to perth, but on the tailcoat of R.E.M-BORING! AND EXPENSIVE *whimper* I wana see conor.!!! It kills my emo spirit that I cant. If they did a sperate show, id praise any miscellaneous god.

--- and also im a little sick, ive gotten that thing were my glands are swollen and it hurts to swallow. I think it was off that boy from wed. which means I must gargle with disprin every 4 hours, to kill the infection.

your hanging up, I guess your not the one I always dreamed of, these days wont fade away these days wont fade away

Sigh… you can tell by the finger picking and OTT strings in the back.


This weekend is gonna be out of control with Hallies 19th and so much intoxication and The FREE whitlams gig, imagine!!!

11/9/04 01:27 pm - you could become a terrible event and happen to him

well heres hoping im not suspended from uni.
but ive finished!!!
NO more uni
No more exams
no more drama. sad. but yes.
minus the fact that im still heavily involved in grease. so technically i do have some commitments to uni.
and Coffee Break seemed to be a success, so hallelujah.and dan and nat came, and hallie and gimpot. feel that love. give it a poke in the pot.
and the pub and late night sheninigans was most totally a fucking success. i couldnt even remember that my hat was on fire. it was brilliant, so many tears, so much amnomistity it was supoib, i love dramas, and the best happen on drama outings.
and i had my second shift the next day and sanity got points for stocking DMC truth about love.
but i was dead for the evening as i had 3hours max sleep and worked all day and happened to still be quite drunk, but no one knew, as im a new girl, and i might just be like "that." ==> hA!
so i ended up at telethon and sledged as many people as possible, and loved stuart wagstaff, and loved andrew o keefe and loved koshi and mel and nat.
and hated all home and away/all saints/blue heeler people (minus john howard)

monday i had the exam at 6
but i had to work at 10 - 3.
and J you may payout on nathan, when you go to cd shops, but i have a story.

this guy buys jeff buckley grace the new one right.
and i ask him if he knows of nathy, and then i rabbit on about how good he is.
ironic really, to do so when someone buys jeff buckley.
but funny all the same.

wednesday im sposed to be having the night of my life, with the girls.
and friday im going to an ADULT SHOP party. and sunday seeing nath at the paddo. ooo and im working thursday and hafta go to rehearsals on the sunday aswell hey. i forgot.
Gus sebastian new album is shit.
Delta's new album is shit.
dont buy them
whenever i used to diss them before and people go, have you actually heard the album, well now i have. as its on repeat for 4 HOURS.
so shut up mutherfuck.

11/4/04 06:58 pm - i think ill fuck your best friend, so i can forget both of you

i caught myself cooing at an emo boy today.

yes yes i "coo"ed when i saw his bright eyes badges. i wanted to tell him my favourite bright eyes song, and talk about Conor, but he looked like he would cry. so, i just cooed.
im expecting to be fully reprimanded by the wank police.

i bought MGF on Ice today with money i should be saving for friday, but i went out of control,i say it was the hint of sunshine.

and may i just say the album is HOT

and a shadows hangs over the world with Bush re-elected. shame shame shame.

10/31/04 11:40 pm - i was more a corey feldman girl - but hes like some porn star now.

happy halloween?yeh?or not?
halloween to me will always be laurannes house + scream + eggs + rocky horror picture show + trick or treaters and mars bars and a scream mask = me scream.
sigh**oh when i was young.

today was a great day for the simple reason that i found the ABC VINYL OF POISON ARROW.
yes i know you shall all form a mob later and kill me for this vinyl, but im all about my own pride at the moment.
i am currently corrupting the much loved Peter Pan tale, with the sordid Oedipus complex for an essay, and im tired.
yesterday was ADAM AND WIL.
and they read seansy and mines question, and laughed, and tried to find out who wrote it, and we hid in our seats suppressing laughs.
then dinner for lucy's then a halloween party.
man this weekend has been full on, and not in the usual sense.

oh last wednesday my wallet was stolen, with my bank card and student card and health care card. so no money for shona.
and JACINTA is person of the week for finding the soundtrack for me. Its nearly as worthy as me finding the vinyl.

rehearsals and assignments all week, means no fun till friday night, when perth will turn from a prison to party, and its gonna rock the block.
saturday work. yes people. thats right so you can come and laugh and point at the girl trapped in sanity.
monday exam.
does it ever cease? who cares.
ANTHONY KIEDIS birthday tomorrow. i might make jelly for the occasion. or ill make jelly for me and eat it, and claim that it was for the occasion. yessssssss.
and im delirious from no sleep this weekend.

im not joking about liking corey feldman more than corey haim. i have seen most of their movies, as i kid i was a "corey" junkie - fo real.
"just scoping out your civilian wardrobe" - corey feldman to corey haim in the Lost Boys dir. by joel schumacher(i love that movie!)

10/26/04 10:52 pm

as i cant go as im busy with GREASE performances.
bad mood now.
i just want to see troublemaker live.
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